Denver wedding photography

There are many beautiful places around the country to get married, but for those of us who are lucky enough to live in Colorado, there is simply no better backdrop for a wedding than the Colorado mountains. Wedding photographers love to work in Colorado as there is no where else that the natural world provides so much of the perfect backdrop and lighting. The seasons in Colorado and Denver specifically offer some of the best opportunities for wedding photography that are unavailable in the rest of the country. The fall wedding has the greatest golden leaves and crisp clear blue skies. The winter wedding has the most regal snow capped peaks near or in the distance. The summer wedding has lush Colorado mountain foliage and incredible wildlife and sunny skies. And the wildflowers in the spring are an incredible carpet of color reaching beyond the bride and groom. wedding photographyThe weddings in the city of Denver are incredible as well, because they have the backdrop of the entire skyline of the rocky mountains, which are majestic and regal regardless of how far away you are viewing them from. So in the state of Colorado, and Denver even more so, there is a mass accumulation of wedding photographers who are great at taking the shots of the wedding party and the bride and groom with some natural back drops behind them to bring about awe at the natural world. So when you are getting married in Denver and need a wedding photographer, one of the best things to do is to find one who takes photos of the places in Colorado that you love. If they are more about the leaves, or the mountains, or the wildlife. These things will help guide you to the photographer who is going to be more right for you and will take the type of outdoor or formal photos that you are hoping for, with the right background.

Working in Colorado, outside with the natural light, you are more likely to find wedding photographers who shoot with digital instead of with film. This is due to the changing and precarious nature of the light when you are working outside in the mountains. The day has to be just right for the film photos to turn out as well as the digital can. Because digital can work better with lower light, and it can easily be altered or changed after the wedding in the editing phase. So the best method you will find that is going to be the best for your photos is to choose a digital photographer who knows the area where you are getting married and understands how to work with light and other variables that come with outside photography. It makes sense to find a wedding photographer, like Irving Photography, that has many skilled wedding photographers behind the lens and can offer you the one who is the best in the situation you are preparing for your wedding day, and who can quickly adjust to the changing weather and light of the day.

Your Wedding Photos can be Spectacular If you Choose the Right Event Photographer

Are you ready to be married in a few months and you are trying to line up a photographer? If you don’t really know anyone, you could probably start with asking others who they used. Sometimes it’s hard to know if someone is really good or not. If you find someone that you think you want to use, ask to look at previous pictures from other weddings that they have done. If you are impressed you could ask for references or you could look on the internet and see if they have any customer reviews. If you like what you see and hear, then that could be your event photographer. If they will give you the name of someone that they have already done an event for, you can call a talk to that person.portrait photographer Your wedding day is a day that you want to always remember and cherish, mostly through pictures. The photographer is a very important part of your big day. A good photographer will sell himself by his previous work. So be sure and view what he has already done.

At Colorado Visions photography, they are very interested in doing the best job for you at your wedding. They realize that this is your one wedding event and they want to capture the whole thing. They want to capture the excitement, the candid moments, the emotions, the unexpected moments, the special moments and anything else that they think you will want to see and remember. The photographer comes a few hours before the wedding and stays until things are winding down, depending on the wishes of the bride. Not only will the special moments be captured and the scenery, but the emotion of the moment will be captured also. Pictures will be taken that will make a lasting impression. The highest quality pictures will be taken with your choice of formats. They have the latest photographic services available. They will discuss with you what you are wanting before the event. Some people want a more traditional approach, others want something different.

After the pictures are taken and processed, you will be able to view them on line in about 5 days. They will be in your hands in 2 weeks. You can order the pictures that you want from Colorado Visions also. You own all the digital negatives. So you will be able to go online and view all the digital photos and decide what you like. Customer satisfaction is their main focus. Your event photographer will put his professional touch to every detail. Your wedding photos will be special and will capture all the unforgotten memories that you will cherish forever. This special day will live with you in pictures and you will be very thankful that you went with Colorado visions. They are very particular and very detailed in what they want to achieve. You will be so proud to show off your wedding photos for years to come. The quality of your photos will be the best available and will always look great no matter how many years go by.

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Seniors celebrate graduation with photo booth rental

The local high school’s graduation ceremony was scheduled to be the typical speeches and handing out of diplomas, which thrills almost no one and was certain to bore everyone, like most graduation ceremonies. As a graduating senior, and a cheerleader, I was determined to make it at least a little more fun for everyone. My fellow cheerleaders and I spent weeks figuring out how to make it special and what would help us remember graduation as a fun event and not just a long series of speeches. Eventually, we took a page out of Ashley’s older sister’s book. She had recently gotten married and had rented a photo booth for the reception along with a regular photographer.

The photo booth rental came with props that allowed individuals and groups of guests to take cute pictures for the bride and groom that would be included in their wedding package of photographs. We did not need a whole wedding photography package obviously, but thought the photo booth rental would be a fun idea for the morning of graduation. We all had to be there two hours early to rehearse and then mostly stand around, and we thought it could be fun to pitch in and get something that everyone could enjoy. People could pose with their friends or even their favorite teachers or coaches if they were around. It would give us a fun way to kill time while we alternated between rehearsing and sorting ourental photoboothrselves alphabetically.

We decided as a cheer team to surprise the rest of our class with it. Even the cheerleaders who were not graduating decided to pitch in and we held a couple of bake sales to help raise the money for the rental. It did not take long, and we were able to secure the photo booth for the morning of graduation at our venue. We were so excited to share it with our fellow classmates, and they cheered when we announced it. The teachers and administrators looked mildly annoyed but I knew they would go with the flow as long as we were in place when we needed to be, and my classmates embraced the photo booth with enthusiasm. The pictures were obviously too late to make it into the yearbook, but we had a Facebook group for our class where we could post them after the fact. The renters of the photo booth also had a website where people could purchase prints if they wanted to.

I still look back on that memory fondly, years later. I do not remember much of the ceremony, or of the speeches, but I do have several of the photographs I took with my friends and teammates on my walls. Those pictures went with me to college and I still keep them in a scrapbook to this day. It was one of the more memorable moments of high school, and even more so because it was all captured in photographs. I recommend a photo booth for any special event or party as an extra special way to remember it.


A rental photo booth added fun to my wedding

One of the best ideas my wife has ever had was renting a photobooth to have at our wedding.  If you are not familiar with these wonderful devices, let me fill you in.

Remember the classic old photo booths of the 50s, 60s, and 70s?  The ones that you found in arcades and on boardwalks?  They had big, metal bodies and a little tiny seat with a curtain you could draw across to close them off and have a tiny shred of privacy.  Those photo booths were designed to take (usually) three quick black and white photos of the people in the booth, with a timer between the shots and a blinding flash.  At best you could fit three people in them (on the assumption that you didn’t mind being friendly with each other!), but most often got used for taking pictures of couples out on a date (or passport photos, if you were a spy in one of those classic old espionage movies).  I know that I used to jump in them every time I was out and saw one, if for no other reason than to cram into a tiny space and have a bunch of laughs hamming it up for the camera with my date.  Well, now you do not have to be lucky enough to happen upon one – you can get a rental photo booth to use at any gathering you might be having.

Like I said before, my wife decided to get one for our wedding.  Don’t get me wrong, we still had a photographer there.  There are still photographs that you need to have taken at a wedding that just can not be done without a proper photographer to do them (such as the shots of the ceremony itself, the formal poses with the party and your family that just can’t be avoided no matter how much you hate them or try to avoid them, those great shots of your friends raising their glasses and dancing that you will cherish forever).  But the photo booth does something really magical: it lets your guests have that same kind of fun hamming it up for the camera that we used to have in the old style photo booths, but in their own time and in their own way.  These new rental photo booths are even big enough to fit ten people in them, but only take up a small corner of the room.  Don’t care for the song being played by the DJ and don’t want to dance?  Go get a photo taken in the booth.  Line too long for you at the bar?  Grab your table mates and jump in the photo booth.  Want to be really silly but don’t want to do it in front of grandma?  You know what to do.

rent a photoboothThe bottom line is that the photo booth rental added so much fun to our wedding that I can’t recommend it highly enough to everyone.  And to top it all off, I have the pictures to prove it!

Renting a Photo Booth for your wedding

Photo Booth rentals are a great way to make memories have an event that you have. One of the best ways in which a Photo Booth rental can be used is for a wedding. Weddings are a great time in which people gather together and even may be a time where people who haven’t seen each other in a long time get to see each other once again. It’s a time to celebrate the couple new beginning and it’s a time in which you can create a lot of memories for a lot of people. By being able to have a Photo Booth rental for your wedding event you are able to provide a great way in which people can remember the wedding reception.  By being able to provide a Photo Booth for many people to take pictures together it is a great way in which many people can remember the event in themselves and you can also set up the Photo Booth to record all those who take their pictures at the event. This provides the couple a great way to have a memory of all who came to their wedding. Photo Booth Rental A Photo Booth is a creative fun way to have pictures for your wedding that will last a lifetime. It’s a time that is a happy occasion and being able to take fun pictures in front of a Photo Booth camera can really make an event successful.  When you are able to have a photo of all attended and many people will also naturally create a very fun unique and funny picture at the same time. It provides memories that are going to last a lifetime that are hard to be in any other way.  When you rent a Photo Booth it can be fairly inexpensive at the same time. Considering the amount of work and money that goes into making a wedding event happened renting a Photo Booth can be a very small price to pay to be able to create the memories it can create. These memories are going to be the ones that many people hold onto you. The Photo Booth can really enlighten the occasion and make it a successful one at the same time. If you’re looking for a great way to build some great memories at your wedding, look into being able to have a rental Photo Booth on hand. This will allow you to create some of the most unique memories that you will have from your big day. By being able to have the fun photos that people often create at a Photo Booth as part of your big day you’ll be able to remember the fun occasion and all those who came in attendance that day.  It’s such a big day in such an event that is built to last for so many people that making it a success is what everybody is looking to do. By being able to create a unique special photo album out of your special unique pictures that you created from a Photo Booth will always be a big part of the big day that you can remember.

You have lots of choices for the best possible wedding photographer

When it comes to finding the perfect wedding photographer for your big day you have a lot of options, which is exactly how it should be. Everyone has different tastes and a different style so it is important to look around and find an event photographer that has a great portfolio of wedding pictures that really captures your heart. There are both a lot of bad photographers out there as well as a lot of good photographers with different ideas on how to do things and how good wedding pictures should look so it is important that you talk to a lot of event photographers to really find someone who is a great match. Not only is the style of the event photographer you hire for your wedding incredibly important but there are also a lot of other little details that it is important to be aware of. First of all, while most photography now a days is done with a digital camera, if for some reason you would prefer 35mm you need to ask and see if your event photographer would be willing to do that. Another thing to consider is if your event photographer is going to also give you the rights to all of the photos. event photographerSome photographers want to keep the rights to the photos so they can use them in their portfolio but if you want to be the only owner of your photos, this is an agreement you are going to have to come to with the particular photographer. For some people giving up the rights to the negatives is not a big deal but for others it can be a deal breaker. Another thing to consider is what format the pictures are going to be in. Again, this might only be an issue for some people but for those who might care, it is good to make sure you consider all of these little options before you choose an event photographer. Two of the most common options are either in RAW or hi-res JPEG format. What format will work best depends of course your needs and what you are going to do with the photos, if you are going to print them out or not and if they will be in small prints or blown up to huge pictures to hang somewhere in your home. The last thing I want to talk about when it comes to choosing a great event photographer for your wedding is finding someone who will be a fair price. Again, there are different ways to go about this. If you want photos from the whole day, the process of getting ready, the procession and the party afterwards, it is good to find someone who will come the whole day without some sort of hour limit. If you expect the photographer to catch your whole wedding and then you run late and the time runs out you can be left empty handed and disappointed. If on the other hand you only want photos of just the wedding itself it might be better for you to hire a photographer who works by the hour.

What Is A Photo Booth?

photobooth rentalA photo booth is similar to vending machines you see in local malls and businesses. However, instead of purchasing soda and snacks, users pay a small and affordable fee for snapping photos on the go. The customer pays the fee, then readies themselves to take up to three snapshots. You get a live view to preview how the photo turns out. Within a few seconds, the photo prints dry on a long lasting paper.

Photobooths are furthermore available in malls and they can also be rented for parties and other special occasions. These are called portable photobooth rentals and they’re usually much larger in size than the standard kiosks varieties in the local mall. These can hold up to ten persons at a time, and capture all crazy scenes and faces, while everyone remains comfortable.

With so many digital cameras available, as well as in-built cameras and smartphones, what makes the photobooth still valid and not obsolete? So many equipment haven’t stood the test of time, but rental photobooths have proven they’re here to stay for the long haul. Here’s why:

  • It’s fun – you don’t have to ask a passerby to snap a photo of two or more friends. Instead, you’re offered a private space to capture a memory in time and customize the outcome, like the background, scale and the props available.
  • The added features – to keep up with modern day trends, many photobooths have installed new and relevant features, including the ability to customize and share these photos with family and friends. You can select sharing options to post the snapshots you’ve taken to platforms like Facebook and Instagram for instance.
  • It’s digital – which means you can usually go back into the site’s gallery and search for photos you’ve taken. Not all photobooths offer this option however, so be sure to check the policies and terms of agreement on the screen or marketing package available.

Did you know…

That rental photobooths whether used by the minute or day were used from the 1800s? That’s correct. We’ve come a long way where technology and photography is concerned, but we should never forget the founding fathers and technology that got us here. Check patent history for the range of timelines in photobooth’s history.

The modern day photobooth reportedly arrived in the United States in 1923, and what better place to install it than in the futuristically advanced, always ahead of its time Broadway in New York. The cost for renting at the time was around twenty five cents. Today, these rentals – at kiosks are typically priced at $3-$5 per session. For rental photobooths by the hour or day and those that are portable however, pricing will need to be checked by the vendor.

Here’s what you can do with a photobooth printout:

  • Frame it – and place it on your work or home desk or mantel. Many photobooths are the first place where falling in love is captured.
  • Make It A Sticker – and give it out at kid’s parties.
  • Magnetize it – and post it on your fridge.

These are just a few ideas.

Photo Booth Rentals Have Become Very Popular.

photo booth rentalsSome people assume that the more traditional kinds of photography are slowly dying out, as camera phones grow even more prevalent.  Nonetheless, camera phones cannot replace real photographs.  People enjoy having physical printed copies of their photographs, especially when it comes to important events.  That is why photo booth rentals have become so popular.  Photo booths have always been a fun way to take photographs with friends and family.  Nowadays, the stationary, old-fashioned sort of photo booth is a rare thing to see.  Photo booths have survived, though, and they are now very popular for rental purposes.  The modern rental photo booths are a bit different from the old type of photo booth.  You could even say, confidently, that they are better than the old photo booths, in most regards.  One way in which they are clearly superior is the quality of the photographs, themselves.  While the old photo booths would print the photographs on flimsy, cheap material that would smudge very easily, the rental photo booths print photographs on excellent, water-proof material.  This enables you to hold on to your photos for as long as possible.  Since the entire point is to preserve memories in a visual way for years to come, it stands to reason that you would want them to be printed on decent material.  Another advantage of a rental photo booth is the fact that they allow you to take as many photographs as you want.  Plus, you can even ask for extra copies, so you essentially get a limitless amount of photographs.  You are only limited by time, which means that you can take as many pictures as is physically possible in the amount of time for which you have pre-paid.  Even if you only have the booth for a few hours, this is a lot of photographs.  Of course, even these modern rental photo booths could have problems.  That is why an attendant stays at your event the entire time to assist you with the photo booth.  That way, you can get the most out of it, the whole time.  There are many special occasions that are perfect chances to rent a photo booth.  Many people rent photo booths for weddings and Bar Mitzvahs.  They can be a fun way to get photographs of everyone who was there.  Another kind of event for which rental photo booths are ideal are corporate events.  Corporate events should be fun, not boring.  If you rent a photo booth, you will significantly increase the likelihood that yours will be fun.  For one thing, the alternative to a photo booth is hiring a photographer and trying to coordinate everyone at the office for group pictures.  If you have a lot of people at your office, this can take forever, and it really interrupts the evening.  A photo booth enables everyone at the event to get their photographs taken, of their own volition.  This will make the whole experience more fun for everyone involved.  Plus, people will have more control over their photographs.  If you blink in one, you can simply take another one.

I used a photo from a portrait photographer to get students to sign up for my class

I have just finished my second semester teaching at a local film school as an adjunct professor.  I am entering into my third semester with a lot more knowledge and enthusiasm for the new term.  One of the most important lessons I have learned is that a photo from a portrait photographer goes a long way.  I recently graduated from the same institution that I teach at.  I presented to the president of the school a class that hadn’t been taught before that I thought would be of great benefit to the students and which I was in the unique position to teach.  The class was call Fundraising for Your First Feature.  As I had made my first feature film as a student of the school, I thought that it would be the most important class at the school.  This was because when I was making my first feature, the biggest obstacle for me was finding the financing.  While I learned a lot from all the story and technical classes that I had taken, the thing that I learned the most about, and which subsequently took the most amount of time was fundraising.  And I didn’t do any of that in a classroom environment.  It was all on my own.  I thought that in reality, the greatest skill a young film maker could have in this day in age was the ability to raise money.  The president of the school agreed and we offered the class a couple of semesters ago.  Unfortunately, only 4 students signed up for it and the class was cancelled.  The president felt sorry for me and allowed me to teach an introductory class as a consolation.  Another member of the faculty explained to me what the problem was.  On the school website their is a page dedicated to the biographies of the faculty.  While I had written a biography, I had neglected to upload a photo. This lack of a photo was the reason no one signed up for my class.  I didn’t believe it at first but the next semester, I went to a portrait photographer and had an professional portrait taken.  To my surprise, the class filled up in only a few days all because students made their decisions about their schedule based on the pictures of the professor.  I was excited when, on the first day of class, my room was filled with 20 students that all reminded me of myself. The class was lectured based, but after the first couple of weeks, I noticed that my students hadn’t retained anything from the lectures.  It took me several more weeks to figure out what the problem was.  My students weren’t driven by lectures or by reading.  My students were driven by images.  In much the same way that a portrait photographer was instrumental in getting my students to sign up for my class, I realized that I needed to change my class into a visual presentation.  So, for my third semester, I have created a class based around images by way of slide shows and movies that doesn’t involve reading or lecturing.

Colorado Visions Has The Architectural Photographer That You Need

architectural photographerThere are so many beautiful and amazing things to take photographs of in the state of Colorado and if you are in ned of professional photographs of any sort of architecture or buildings than you are going to want to look into employing the services of the Colorado Photography company that is Colorado Visions. Colorado Visions is a photography company that has a wide variety of architectural photographers to choose from that are extremely skilled and will be able to take the photographs that you need. An architectural photographer has such a unique and interesting job to do because they are tasked with finding a way to make something that is inanimate (a building or structure) come alive in a photograph. A great photographer, no matter what they are taking a photograph of, is one that is able to make their photograph mean something and make their picture come alive. We see pictures of people and objects numerous times every single day but I bet each and every single person in this world can think of a time when they saw a photograph that really made them feel something. No matter what the emotion that a photograph evokes in someone it is necessary that it makes the viewer feel something or think something that they were not before they saw it. This is one of the reasons that the job of a photographer is so difficult. Anyone can take a picture but it seems that not everyone can take a photograph. This is a philosophy that the Colorado photography company Colorado Visions believes in, and that is why they offer their clients a wide variety of uniquely skilled and professional and talented photographers that are able to take any subject or object and photograph it. From the skilled architectural photographers at Colorado Visions to the detail oriented product photographers this is a company that has it all. This is a photography company that is dedicated to the art and practice of photography and is committed to making sure that every single photograph that is taken by  photographer at their firm and shown to a client is one that is going to make a vast and intense impact. A photograph is something that is so important because it is a visual marker of a single moment or series of moments in time that can never be exactly repeated. A great photographer knows that they only have a limited number of chances and shots to, most literally, get the perfect shot, and that is why the photographers at Colorado Visions take their job so seriously. Photography is more than a job or a way to make money, but rather it is an art and it takes a true artist to take a true photograph, no matter what it is a photograph of. When it comes to any type of photography you can trust one of the many talented commercial photographers and architectural photographers (and any other type that you might need) at Colorado Visions.

Rental photo booths are great for birthday parties

Recently, for my son’s tenth birthday, I got a rental photo booth for his party.  It turned out to be the best thing that I have ever done for him, at least, that’s what he says.  While I honestly was thinking about getting him a pony rental up to the very last minute, I was swayed by my girlfriend who said that she had seen photos from photo booths all over Facebook recently.  I trust my girlfriend to always have her finger on the pulse of what’s cool in the kids world.  She has three kids and I only have two.  Not only that, she has full time custody of her kids, where as I only get my kids for every other weekend.  So she spends a lot more time in their world and frankly understands their needs and wants a lot better than I do.  I was still a little concerned though because the idea seemed so foreign to me that I didn’t know if it would work.  But after I looked on my son’s Facebook page and saw how many photos he posted with his friends, I realized that my girlfriend was right.  They were going to love it.  There was only one rental house in our area so I didn’t have to do any research about which company was the best.  I ordered the rental photo booth and didn’t have any issues with the company.   When the kids showed up, they were drawn to the booth right away.  I couldn’t believe it.  The kids weren’t at all interested in the food or the pinata that I had gotten.  A line formed at the photo booth as soon as the kids started showing up and it only got longer as the night went on.  I was a little worried when some of the older kids started hogging the booth and threatening the younger kids, but my girl friend intervened and set some ground rules that all the kids agreed to follow.  At the end of the night, the cake hadn’t even been eaten.  When the other parents came by to pick up their kids, no one wanted to go home.  Everyone was just so busy taking pictures of themselves.  I asked my son what he was going to do with the photos he was taking and he looked at me like I was stupid.  It turns out that all the kids were posting the photos on Facebook.  Some of the parents actually saw the photos before they came over to pick up the kids.  The funny thing is that I received a boat load of compliments about how good of a parent I was and how well I understood kids.  I tried to explain that the whole idea was my girlfriend’s but no one would listen.  I wanted to rent them a pony.  At least my partner knows something about kids.  My daughter, who is a little older got mad at me.  She said that I had better get her a rental photo booth or that she would know that I didn’t love her.

The Increased Popularity of Portable Rental Photo Booths Shows People Still Like Traditional Photography.

rental photo boothsPhotography is a fascinating concept, and it has captivated the minds of countless people since it was invented in the early nineteenth century.  Photography has evolved greatly over the years.  It once required bulky equipment, but today’s cameras can be utterly miniscule.  Digital photography has been the most recent change in photography.  Today, most photographs are taken on digital cameras or cell phones with built-in digital cameras.  For a variety of reasons, camera phones do not always do the trick, especially if you have an important reason to take a photograph.  That is why, for special occasions, many people prefer traditional photography.  Evidence of this is the increased popularity of portable rental photo booths.  Not as many locations feature the archetypal photo booth that was found at malls, airports, and amusement parks.  Photo booths live on as portable rental photo booths.  More and more people are including rented photo booths in their large gatherings.  They are a great addition to a large Christmas party or other holiday event.  Corporate get-togethers, too, often feature these rental booths.  They enable everyone at the party to be able to take a lot of photos with whomever they want.  Surprisingly, they have even become popular for weddings and Bar Mitzvahs.  Seemingly every special occasion is more fun with a photo booth.  In many respects, photo booths provide more options than a professional photographer.  Once you have rented a photo booth, you can use it as much as you want for as long as you have paid for it.  This gives people the opportunity to take countless photos.  Rented photo booths provide the ultimate photo booth experience.  Before you had to pay for each set of photos you took.  Since the rental ones are already paid for, those fees are a thing of the past.  Also, when you rent a photo booth, you get more than just the basic options.  The photo booth rental companies tend to go to great lengths to ensure that you are satisfied with their service.  There is typically a live attendant who can assist you with the photo booth throughout the event.  They can ensure that your experience is satisfactory.  The fact that you can take a limitless quantity of photos means that everyone at your event will be able to have a photograph with their friends and family.  This is more personal, in many regards, than hiring a professional photographer to take group photographs of everyone.  One other benefit of the rental photo booths is the equipment itself.  The photo booths are small, but somehow they are extraordinarily spacious.  Plus, they feature touch screens and display screens, so you can get the kind of picture you want.  This way you can decide which ones to print.  The photographs are actually printed on high-quality material, and at the end of the night the attendant can help you assemble a scrapbook.  If you are ever planning a large event in the near future, you might want to consider calling a local photo booth rental company.

Product photographers get to work in exciting industries.

I think that the life of a product photographer would be very exciting.  You would have the opportunity to work in many of the most cutting edge industries like fashion and electronics and be able to sample out the newest wares.  I am thinking specifically about those individuals that have the opportunity to work with companies like Apple or Google and must showcase their products.  My understanding is that these individuals often have the opportunity to take these products home to get to know them more intimately.  As a result, they better understand the product and are able to better frame the product for how customers should be interacting with it.  My best example is of the first iPod advertisements that had people dancing on a blank colored background and the people were all black silhouettes.  The only thing that you could see on the people were the white cords coming from their earbuds.  I was a great commercial because it made people envious of the individuals dancing and it made the white earbuds, only available from apple, to be a sort of status symbol.  That kind of understanding of a product only comes from an individual that has spent time with the product in their personal lives.  The same could be said of commercial photographers

product photography

Commercial photographers must have a flexible schedule.

I have a couple of friends that are among the best commercial photographers in the state and it’s great to have them as friends because they can get me into some of the best events as they happen.  However, because they do not have the opportunity to dictate their schedules, it is usually a long time between the times that I get to see them.  It would be a very fun lifestyle to have as they search for different events to cover and get to meet all sorts of people from all walks of life.  I actually think that that is the most intriguing aspect of their jobs, they get to meet all sorts of different people through their workplace.  That is actually my favorite part about my job; I get to meet people constantly. Many of the people that I meet are at the tops of their professions and have a really interesting take on the world.  I really hope that I am able to parlay some of the relationships I have made into success later on.  Nevertheless, in getting back to talking about photography, there is a lot of opportunity to be a successful photographer, here in Colorado.  From the natural beauty of the outdoors to the beauty of our downtown landscape, you can be anything from an event photographer to an architectural photographer.  The opportunities can be truly endless if that is what you may be interested in. I also think that you can be very happy being a photographer.

event photographer

Architectural photographers get to travel a lot.

I have some friends that are architectural photographers and they get the opportunity to travel around the world for work.  I am so jealous that they get that opportunity and really hope that I will be able to experience something like that in my lifetime.  I know that when I travel, I try to aspire to be an architectural photographer.  I love looking at the buildings and building styles when I travel and viewing the interplay between the lights and darks that emerge over the day.  It really gives you a perspective for the culture and what people may look at every day when they are going to work and the homes of their friends and families.  Nevertheless, I do not want to get too bogged down in the details, but I think that taking photos of the graffiti and buildings abroad may be one of my favorite things in the world.  This is exactly why I would want to take the jobs of my two friends so that I could do them myself.  For example, one of the friends I met while in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.  We were both traveling and living in the capital for a period of time, so it was a lot of fun to be able to hear his stories and what he has experienced while traveling.  It seemed to be quite a bit different than his habits while he was a product photographer in Spain.  It seemed to me that it was a lot more fun to travel constantly.

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It Takes a Lot More Than a Camera Phone to Be a Commercial Photographer.

commercial photographerPhotography is an interesting technological achievement.  It is pretty amazing that technology has enabled us to render a real life image in exact detail, simply by using light.  It saddens me a little to think that traditional photography is being replaced by digital photography.  Nonetheless a lot of professional photographers still like traditional cameras best.  It takes a lot more than just a camera phone to be a commercial photographer.  Photography, like any other craft requires both extensive training and innate skill.  You need to have a good artistic sensibility to be a good photographer of any kind.  Portrait photography is one field of photography that has been around for quite some time.  The idea of a portrait is an age-old concept.  Before the days of photography, portraits were traditionally done using oil paints.  This method of portrait-painting was popularized during the renaissance.  It would take the artist a very long time to complete the painting, since it had to be completely accurate.  This meant that only the extremely wealthy could afford to have portraits.  Nowadays portraits are available to a much wider audience, as are most other things we take for granted in the modern age.  Photography is, in many ways, better suited to portraits than oil-paints were, though some people still paint portraits with oil paints.  If you are interested in having a portrait of yourself or a family member, you should hire a portrait photographer.  You will be able to have a portrait that will last you many years.

Businesses and Individuals Continue to Hire Commercial Photographers.

commercial photographersProfessional photography is still a much needed profession, despite the recent increase in amateur photography.  Professional photography is of a much higher caliber than the plethora of amateur photographs taken on cell phones.  That is why businesses and individuals continue to hire commercial photographers.  Commercial photography has a lot of different applications.  First of all, lots of people still go to professional photographers for portraits and family photographs.  Professional portraits look nice and last a long time.  They are definitely worth the investment because they can be a family keepsake for years to come.  Unlike many other photographs these days, these are printed on high-quality material that will last for years.  This is very advantageous considering the photographs most people take are digital and quite impermanent.  In fact, a lot of professional photographers still prefer the traditional kind of camera.  As with paintings, different photographers prefer taking photographs of different subjects.  While some photographers prefer taking photographs of people, others prefer to photograph inanimate objects.  One kind of commercial photography like this is architectural photography, which is photography that involves buildings and other structures.  Architectural photography is supposed to be able to accurately represent the design and architectural features of the building or structure.  When it comes to this type of photography, finding the right angle to use is very important.  Being a good architectural photographer requires different skills and techniques than being a good portrait photographer.  Both require specific abilities and sensibilities.  Some photographers can photograph a wide variety of different subjects, while others specialize in one type of photography.

If You are Interested in Photography, You May Want to Think About Becoming a Commercial Photographer.

commercial photographerPhotography is interesting because it can be considered both a fine art and an industry.  If you are interested in photography, you may want to think about becoming a commercial photographer.  That would be a great way to make a living out of something you are genuinely interested in and passionate about.  Just because you are a commercial photographer does not mean you have to photograph subjects that you are not interested in.  There is probably a type of commercial photography that is suited to your interests.  If you like photographing people, you should look into portrait photography.  Portrait photography is part of a long tradition of portraits.  Portraits have existed for thousands of years.  They were popularized during the renaissance, but obviously they were still done with oil paints back then.  Once photography was invented, people began using cameras to create portraits, instead of oil paints.  If you are not interested in photographing people and prefer photographing inanimate objects, there are fields of commercial photography for you, too.  If you like photographing inanimate objects up close, you may enjoy product photography. Product photography refers to photographing products for companies.  Business pay very good money to have their products photographed.  Image is of the utmost importance when it comes to selling a product.  Corporations are extremely aware of this fact.  That is why they are very particular about who they hire to be their product photographer.  They want someone who can present their product in the most flattering light possible.

Put Your Best Foot Forward, With An Event Photographer

When you are trying to advertise for your business or product, you want to make sure that you are putting your best foot forward. Hire an architectural photographer to get the best pictures of your building, office, or even your product for the website and the catalogs. It is incredible how much a customer or potential business partner is influenced by good looking photos. They make a big impact, and you want to make sure that the influence is a positive one. It goes both ways. I think of times when I look for apartments on the Internet. There are a ton of apartments. I only have a couple of factors to consider. I need to look at the price and location. But once those have been established, I am really looking at the pictures. It is hard to visualize without some kind of aid. That is why it is important to have pictures in the first place. Even having the pictures will give your customers the benefit of imagination. But once you have pictures, those pictures should represent your product or apartment in a positive light. There were so many apartments that I looked at that I did not even visit or inquire about because the photography was so bad. It just made the place look dingy and dark. Hire an event photographer to make sure that whatever it is that you are selling is portrayed as positively as it can be. You do not want to shoot yourself in the foot.

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Twisted faces: A project of a New Mexico commercial photographer

corporate photographerA few weeks ago, I was surfing the CNN website and I came across a story of a corporate photographer who created a new photo series with his friends for fun. As I read through the story I learned he was a New Mexico photographer who made his living by working in commercial photography.  But, it did not leave a lot of time to do his own work.

So one day he had a bunch of his friends over to model for him.  He began by taping the faces of his friends in random expressions and than took their picture. What transpired was an incredible array of intriguing, slightly disturbing and hilarious photographs you have ever seen.

What was really cool was that as I clicked through the images I realized I recognized a model. She was a friend who is working as an actress in New Mexico. She has actually worked quite a bit, with small parts of some of New Mexico’ s most popular projects. I have seen her in  ” Sunshine Cleaning”, ” Fright Night”, and many more flims shot in New Mexico.

It is fun to see people you know in movies and television.  It is like “Hey, I know them.” It is a fun part of working with people who work in the industry.  I always like to see people I know or have met on the big screen. It fills me with excitement and joy. I am genuinely happy and excited for my friends success, and only a little envious.